【SmartBot SQ 3D Printer】

Dual-Nozzle, Offline Printing Function+ 252X305X300mm Print Size

Price NT$ 117000 Special Offer NT$ 96900

SmartBot SQ 3D Printer


Dual-Nozzle, Offline Printing Function, Amazing Resolution+ 252X305X300mm Print Size!





SmartBot SQ 3D Printer
SmartBot  SQ 3D Printer Features: 


252X305X300mm build volume


•Eye - catching metallic design with LED light


•Dual nozzles support dual-color printing and multiple filament material ABS/PLA/PVA


•Stable and high print speed of 122mm/s




Tech Specs:




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SmartBot Direct line: +886 2 2896-3635



SmartBot SQ 3D Printer (252*305*300mm ) 547960