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3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen 3D Printing Pen

3D Printing PenMagical 3D Printing Pen

If you were a parent, do you want your children to be able to draw their creativity?

If you were a designer, do you want to create your create your own design?

If you were a student, do you want to make unique gifts for your friends by yourself?


Product Feature

1. Light product weight only 60g

 2. Ergonomic: 20mm-35mm hand holding diameter

3. Speed change with one hand, no gear limitation

4. 70-80 safety nozzle preventing harm from high temperature

5. 10mm minuteness nib providing easy-to-create usage

6. Low volume design providing quiet working environment

 3D列印筆 3D繪圖筆 3D手持筆




Technology: FDM

Building type: 3D build type

Print size: no limitation

Print speed: adjustable

Heat: adjustable between 160-230

Voltage:12V 3A

Nozzle diameter:0.4-0.7mm

Net weight:65g


Filament diameter:1.75mm

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