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Smart Robot 【RAPIRO Robot】Parts Not Assemble

Originally imported from Japan, Arduini RAsberry Pi Robot, Smart Robot, Humanoid Robot, Family Robot


               < This item is sold as unassembled Robot Components>

                         PRODUCT INTRODUCTION
         Ever dreamed of having a Robot at home? Your drem is coming true!!!


Imported from Japan, Various Actions, Limitless Creation!
* Cute and Light-Weighted, the eye lens color can be changed
* Convenient and easy to assemble
* 12 set of free joints movements
* Multiple movement free design
* Suitable for adolescent, young people and professional  programming language 

                                  CONTENT OF THE PRODUCT


                                    PRODUCT SPECIFICATION
Size: 196 X 159 X 257 mm
Weight: 1Kg
Material : Plastic (Need to be assemble by customer)

Quantity of Free Movement: 12 Sets of Servo Motors
Power Supply: AA Ni-Mh battery x 5
Controlling Method: Write your own programming (with default actions)
Transmitting Method: Transmitting by USB connecting to computer

                                        Q & A

1. I want to buy the Robot but I cannot assemble by myself?
Installing step is very easy, you just need two screwdrivers to complete. After assembly is completed, the preset actions can be initiated.

2. What is Raspberry Pi?
Raspberry Pi is a single-panel PC developed based on Linux can can also be used as Rapiro Humanoid Robot Extension Parts.

                                        More info of Raspberry Pi from Wikipedia

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