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Humanoid Robot [ Alpha 1S Smart Robot]

16 joints free movement simulates real movement humanoid robot, graphical design interface, Smart Robot

Perfectly Simulate Human Motion, Graphic Motion Design, Program Easy to Use!


Alpha 1S intelligent Robot has Stylish and Simple Design outlook, and incredable simulation of limb movement, loved and appreciated by large group of consumer. Alpha 1S Intelligent Robot posses 16 Joints free movement, and enclosed three-axis gyroscope and infrared sensing device to maintain balance, let Robot not only can  do basic movement like walking and running but also can do difficult movement like Single-Handed Push-ups, Hip-Hops and Tai Chi Movement. For programming and Editing these movement, we use simple Graphic Design Interface, which make the editing of new movement easy, even if the editor has never touch the programming language can easily get started.
Alpha 1S Intelligent Robot has Voice Control, Keyboard and wireless Remote Control Function. And able to interact with its owner, transmitted data using mini USB or Memory card, make Alpha 1S very smart and bring more fun to your life! 


* 16 joints free movement.
* Simple Design, Stylish Outlook
* Perfectly Balance, able to walk and run
* Precisely simulate the human motion, perfect for singing and dancing
* Free design for multiple movement
* Graphic Design Interface
* Support Language Identification, Keyboard, Wireless remote Controller
*Suitable for All Friends who like Robots.


Size: 198 x 109 x418 mm
Weight: 1Kg
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Free Movement: 16 Joints Free Movement
Electricity: 8.4V Lithium Battery cell
Control Method: Voice Control, Keyboard, Remote Control, Programmable
Transmitting Method: Transmittion by connecting to Computer via       MiniUSB
Device Protection: Short-Circuit Protection, Voice Prompt ad Battery Check

                                                 Q & A

Q1: I have never learnt the programming language, how can I design new movement?
A1: Alpha 1S Intelligent Robot can be edited by many methods:
      * Editing by 3D Software
      * Directly pull out the robot's joint memory
      * Simulating by recording the real human motion.

Q2. How can I control Alpha 1S Intelligent Robot using cell phone?
A2: Alpha 1S provide downloading the control App-
      * For the user of Android cell phone - Please visit Google Play Store and
         search for "Alpha 1S" and download
      * For the user of iOS - Please visit Apple Store and search for " Alpha 1S"
         and download.

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