[Virtual Reality Glasses]

Product Specification

Size: 192.5mm x 88mm x 80mm

Weight : 246g (subject to actual object)


2K High-Definition Screen
5.5 inch (Diagonal Line), TFT-LCD Display

2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, 534 ppi

Refreshing Rate: 60Hz


Double Aspherical High Transmittance Optical Lens

Using 453nm anti-blue light coating, blocking off most of the harmful light

Use the anti-reflective coating to enchance the transmittance


Imported Chips

Nine Axis Sensors

Three Axis Gyroscope

Three Axis Accelerometer

Three Axis Magnetometer

Refreshing Rate: 1000Hz

Optical Parts

Identify wear status, control screen status

(When Light on the screen or Light off the screen)

Touch Panel 

Replace the mouse cursor and used together with UI, execute the turning page and click function. When playing the game, the using method is depends on the specific situation.


3.5mm headphone jack


HDMI Connector, USB 2.0 Connector


Side Headband 540mm


Length 3m, Diameter 3.6mm

Suitable People for Use

Interpupillary distance 58-66mm, Nose High < 66mm, Face Width < 180mm

Glasses Width < 140mm, Height
The above specification is just for reference only, the actual specifications are subject to manufacturer's specification.

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