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Desktop Folding Type 3D Scanner For 3D Printer

Product Feature

1. The scanned file can be saved as STL file format can can be used directly by 3D printers.

2. Can simply folded to carry and keep. We further control the outlook and the size to make the scanner more convenient for carrying.

3. Matterform Scanner has a very user friendly interface (minium setting)

4. The scanner has the mobile lens at the 360 degree rotation and dual laser lens at the Z-axis.

5. Under 0.43mm recognition rate, it can collect more than 2000 capture points per second. Can achieve high precision 3D scanning files in just 5 minutes.

6. Informations of the scanning object can be output as regular .STL, .OBJ and .PLY file format and can be easily and conveniently phase in to the 3D printer or 3D modelling software.

                                       HARDWARE PARAMETER

                                     closed length: 8.5cm (3.5in)
                                              Weight: 1.71kg (3.77lbs)

                                          SCANNER PRECISION

                                     Capture details as small as 0.43mm
                                     Capture size within ±0.25mm 

                                  SCANNING OBJECT SIZE AND WEIGHT
                                              High : 25cm (9.8in)
                                        Diameter: 18cm (7in)
                                           Weight: 3.0kg (6.6lbs) 

                                      Matter and Form Scanning Software

                                SUPPORTING OPERATING SYSTEM

                                         WINDOWS 7+ (64bits)
                                          Mac OS 10.9+

                                          OUTPUT FORM FORMAT

                                                  STL, OBJ,PLY, XYZ

                                            VOLTAGE: 110~240V

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